From conception to completion, Nixon & Christophers can shepherd your lighting project through the steps necessary to ensure its success. Our goal is to dramatically improve any project we become involved with, from its aesthetics to its energy footprint and functionality. We are innovative, creative, and informed…not just with lighting products and strategies, but with every facet and minutia of construction and on-going maintenance.

NC can provide your organization with:

  • Lighting/Energy Surveys
  • Product Specifications and Recommendations
  • Assistance with Third-Party Rebates and Incentives
  • Construction Documents and Guidelines
  • Green/Sustainable Initiatives Compliance
  • Project Construction and Construction Management
  • Commissioning, Measurement and Verification
  • Systems Operation and Maintenance


NC partners with industry leaders to produce the best possible client outcomes. Our technology partners include:

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Case Studies

San Diego History Center
Sylvania Ultra and Ultra HD Professional Lamps

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