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San Diego Art Institute

Travis Nixon’s work ethic is outstanding and his knowledge is amazing. Our needs were above “mere” lighting work and Travis has proved his creative side as well as his technical skills on a daily basis. We were sad to see him finish the job so quickly. He is a pleasure to have around to work with. Rarely have I seen anyone with a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm like Travis.

Kerstin Robers
Executive Administrator,
San Diego Art Institute

Project Overview:

At the San Diego Art Institute/Museum of the Living Artist Nixon & Christophers provided a gallery lighting and lighting controls retrofit employing LED focal and LED color changing sources which enabled both energy savings and increased versatility in exhibits and venue lighting design. This project also included the creation of custom raise/lower sculptures which mitigate lamp changing challenges and provide a platform for auxiliary gallery lighting and digital projection.

Annual energy savings (45,000 kWh) are equal to the production of a 22kW solar system (i.e. 1,800sq ft of panels). Energy savings are also equivalent to five single family home’s annual use, and offset approximately 28 metric tons of CO2 annually.

Project Highlights:

  • LED lighting sources emit radiation in only the visible spectrum, which creates a gentler environment for delicate artwork.
  • The lighting system (sources and controls) reduces energy demand by 20kW per hour, with an estimated additional 6kW per hour in space cooling mitigated seasonally.
  • Multiple lighting color temperatures as well as sophisticated gallery dimming allow easy customization for ever-changing exhibits.
  • The lighting system also allows for and supports sophisticated theatrical lighting during special events, with color changing LED spot and floods acting separately or together to create dense, multicolor looks.

High CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) sources create a sunlit look without UV radiation.

San Diego Art Institute

SDAI/MOLA members, patrons, and students prepare for a Life Drawing class.

San Diego Art Institute

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