Museum of Photographic Arts

At the Museum of Photographic Arts we have extremely exacting standards for our gallery and event lighting. Travis helped us design and build an energy efficient solution to our existing switched halogen track that gives us the same look while saving 1/3 off the top- as well as allowing us the means for lighting scheduling, occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and demand load shedding.

John Hogan
Facilities Director,
Museum of Photographic Arts

Project Overview:

The Museum of Photographic Arts is San Diego’s premier museum dedicated to Photography. Nixon & Christophers was directed by MoPA staff to improve the institution’s energy picture while maintaining the existing halogen “look” and feel. To that end, NC designed a day-lighting/timed/occupancy sensing/demand load shedding control system combined with reduced-wattage halogen sources. It incorporates reduced-wattage and timed scheduling of adjacent legacy hallway lighting as well for increased energy savings. The system also allows for event dimming and scene control. Technologies include scalable, centralized lighting control, infrared halogen sources, and custom built UL-listed induction retrofit kits.

Annual energy savings (60,000kWh) are equal to a 30kW solar system (i.e., 2,500 sq. ft. of panels). Energy savings are also the equivalent of six single family home’s annual electrical use, and offset approximately 40 metric tons of CO2.

Project Highlights:

  • Low initial cost, rapid ROI scenario without losing the halogen gallery lighting look and feel.
  • High CRI (Color Rendering Index), 100,000 hour rated sources in egress areas mitigate ongoing maintenance.
  • The lighting system reduces energy use by 10kW per hour, with an estimated additional kW per hour in heating loads mitigated seasonally.
  • The lighting system automatically dims gallery lighting when galleries are unoccupied, adding another level to energy savings and irreplaceable artifact care.
  • Central lighting control allows staff to easily change facility-wide time-clock, occupancy, or intensity settings from any internet connected device.

Museum galleries at full intensity…

Museum of Photographic Arts

Museum Galleries at “unoccupied” intensity…

Museum of Photographic Arts

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