House of Hospitality

House of Hospitality

Travis is the best! The lighting in the ballroom where so many weddings, meetings and other celebrations are held is a stand out.

The retrofit of the signature historic fixtures is simply great! Travis addressed the concerns of the Prado staff about the color of the lighting and provided a high-tech way to dim the lights, too. Now the staff can have full light to set up the room, but it can be softened to suit the occasion.

Travis really knows lighting and all the new energy-saving products. And he makes it good to look at as well as good to see in.

Theresa Moore
Business Manager,
House of Hospitality Association, Balboa Park Central

Project Overview:

The House of Hospitality is a multiple tenancy facility in San Diego’s Balboa Park. This project retrofitted and replaced lighting in office space, elevators, exhibit areas, retail, and event space. NC also added scalable lighting control that can either stand alone for dimming, occupancy sensing, and time-clock needs — or be linked together to provide central control for the entire structure. Lighting technologies employed include dimmable CFL (compact fluorescent) and LED luminaires as well as high CRI (color rendering index) CMH (ceramic metal halide) sources which enable custom settings to fit the unique lighting needs of each occupancy for permanent use as well as temporary events.

Annual energy savings (30,000 kWh) are equal to the production of a 15kW solar system (i.e., 1,200 sq. ft. of panels). Energy savings are also the equivalent of three single family home’s annual electrical use, and offset more than 20 metric tons of CO2.

Project Highlights:

  • Lighting sources are either retrofitted into existing historical lighting fixtures or integrated into the existing building construction to deemphasize their existence.
  • The lighting system (sources and controls) reduces energy demand by 10kW per hour, with an estimated additional 3kW per hour in space cooling mitigated seasonally.
  • General lighting levels increased, while energy consumption and required maintenance decreased.
  • The lighting system allows for and supports sophisticated dimming and scene control during special events, creating customizable event-specific lighting level looks.

Low CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) CFL (Compact Fluorescent) sources with additional UV protection and theatrical gels provide an “incandescent” look at a fraction of the energy use.

House of Hospitality

CMH Track Heads and Track, custom colored to blend in with the ceiling, provide brilliant low-profile focal lighting for retail items.

House of Hospitality Visitor Center

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