San Diego History Center

San Diego History Center

Our lighting system is a simple to use, simple to navigate, smart move addition… It’s perfect for a museum as far as function, maintenance, artifact care, and the visitor experience. We enjoy using it both for regular operations and special events. We plan to carry this retrofit even further in the future for the archive/library level!

Oscar Urruita
Facilities Manager,
San Diego History Center

Project Overview:

The San Diego History Center is a museum focused on the history of the San Diego area. It is comprised of six gallery areas plus an event space and retail space. Nixon & Christophers assisted SDHC in retrofitting all focal lighting in these spaces with LED sources, as well as implemented a facility-wide lighting control system that enables area dimming, occupancy sensing, time-clock settings and demand response control.

Annual energy savings (70,000 kWh) are equal to the production of a 35kW solar system (i.e., 3,000 sq. ft. of panels). Energy savings are also the equivalent of seven single family home’s annual electrical use, and offset more than 44 metric tons of CO2.

Learn more about this project from a case study produced by Sylvania

Project Highlights:

  • LED lighting sources emit radiation in only the visible spectrum, which creates a gentler environment for delicate artifacts.
  • The lighting system (sources and controls) reduces energy demand by 20kW per hour with an estimated additional 6kW per hour in space cooling mitigated seasonally.
  • The lighting system automatically dims gallery lighting when galleries are unoccupied, adding another level to energy savings and irreplaceable artifact care.
  • Central lighting control allows staff to easily change facility-wide time-clock, occupancy, or intensity settings from any internet connected device.

New lighting brings sparkle to the museum entry…

San Diego History Center

Lighting control allows the curatorial staff to adjust lighting levels top and bottom of large pieces to maintain uniform illuminance and maintain appropriate foot-candle levels.

San Diego History Center

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